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If you're new to URI's teacher education program take a look at the syllabus for upcoming courses. If you're about to student teach, then you'll want to carefully read the EDC 430/431 and EDC 484/485 pages. There's also a spot for Cooperating Teachers for URI's English Education program. Mentoring Tutoring Internship at URI (MTI) is a course for all URI majors who are interested in internship credits and making a difference in the lives of children. Great Public Schools is an invaluable site full of videos, PowerPoints, and OpEds campaigning for changes in public education. These were created by my HPR 201 Zombie Ideas in Education course, which was linked with the Fall 2013 URI Honors Colloquium. Check out the other links in the sidebar for more information about the Common Core State Standards, teaching for equity and excellence, and more.

ELA Bookmarks and News to Note

Carolyn Cleary (Cohort 2014) shared this advice. Carolyn is teaching at Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School in Coventry, RI...
1) I use a system called Engrade for grading purposes. It has saved me so much time and hassle in the long run and I wish that I knew about it sooner. It’s an online grading tool that is both free and user friendly.
2) I found this Soul Pancake video literally on day seven of my being an actual teacher at ASFMS and it made everything better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miPYLJI247g&feature=share Might be valuable to share before those guys leave.
3)I really do love everything about teaching. I have so much fun and find so much joy in my students every day. Of course there are days when all of the other “stuff” starts to weigh me down, but those days are few and far between. I laugh hard and loud almost every day, which I am truly thankful for. I feel like that should have been said to them.

Kelsey Greineder (URI Secondary English Education 2013) is a 6th grade teacher at Barrington Middle School, where her administrators are asking her to read
The Core Six Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence by Perini and Silver. She says, "..as I am reading it, I can't help but think how helpful of a text is it. It aligns specific strategies for teaching skills with the Common Core." Thanks for thinking of us, Kelsey!

Rebecca Renna (URI Secondary English Education 2013) Invites us to feel free to watch mashups of To Kill a Mockingbird and The Princess Bride located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa2GwCk8U4w She also has two songs in the works about Lord of the Flies and Fahrenheit 451 to make class a bit more interesting once she's an English teacher :)

Joyce Griffin (URI Secondary English Education Cohort 2012) has these words of advice to Fall mid-semester teacher candidates...
I definitely remember being where the cohort is now, it's tough to shift out of "school mode" when all that matters is grades. With you as their professor I think they will make it :) If I had any advice for this cohort it would be to remember that they are still learning and not to be too hard on themselves if things don't go perfectly all the time, so far I have personally found that teaching is a never ending learning experience. It's great!

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